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May 2020 update

Work In Progress / 24 May 2020

Hey there! Life's been quite busy since last time I've written a post and I feel like I can finally share with the world when I've been slowly preparing on the side for the last couple of weeks. I figured it was time I started making something bigger than a diorama scene for my portfolio. When I saw thisĀ amazing concept piece from Ann Kondrat I immediately closed everything else and started working on it.

Although I love the atmosphere on the original concept, I will try to give it a slight twist instead of recreating something one on one. In the image below, you can see that I have kept the main pillars and hero props that will be needed for the environment but I'm planning to add a couple more of my own.

Most of the blockouts are done and with proper UVs so that I could do an initial lighting pass. If all goes as planned, I'll also have some nice high polys to share with you on the next blog post.