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July 2020 Update

News / 16 July 2020

This month's update is a little bit sooner than usual. I'll be having a 2-week break starting tomorrow and wanted to update you all on what I've been up to this past weeks. I've been slowly chipping away at the endless prop list that I have to sculpt, retopo, texture and bring in Unreal for the witch hut project and also managed to participate in the GMTK 2020 game jam. More on that later!

Without further ado, here's some closeups of some props I've brought in-engine. There's a lot small (and some big) things that I want to change by the end of the project but for now I still want to focus on making as many unique props as I can to improve my workflow, speed and consistency of things. Lighting is also pretty much work in progress and I'll probably do another pass or two when everything's in place.

Another highlight of the month was the game John, Caterina & I managed to make last weekend for the GMTK jam. The theme of the jam was "Out of control" and we decided to go with a short, linear story-driven kind of game where you play as Bob on his big interview day, where everything seems to be out of his hands.. or should I say control. It was a fun, challenging and definitely great learning experience for us all and I would love to work on a similar kind of project on a bigger scale sometime in the future.

If what you've seen piqued your interest, feel free to give the game a try over our page! PS: You can even play it directly in your browser, no download needed ;) 

That's all for now! Thanks for taking the time to read through all my ramblings.