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November 2020 Update

News / 29 November 2020

Hey there!

I always feel like it's been a while since the last time I wrote a blog post, but then I realize that it's only been a month or two. I really like the way I can document my professional life and progress with these posts, so huge thanks for sticking by and reading these

Let's start on a high note, shall we? Last month, I was asked to write a breakdown for my Witch Hut scene! This was a great opportunity for me to write down the most important steps in my workflow when working a detailed environment. In case you missed it, you can check out my post here and read the article here. And don't forget that my inbox is always open to everyone who might have a question or need any clarification on anything that I’ve written here!

In other news, I soft launced a tight-knit 3D Art community over on Discord. The server's main goal is to be the go-to place for Greek 3D Artists to hang out, meet each other and share their knowledge and useful resources. If you're not Greek, fret not though! Most of us speak English and we'll make sure everyone feels welcome and included in our neat little corner of the internet! If that sounds like a good proposition, feel free to  join our server and say hi!

Invite Link:

Lastly, after a random discussion with a friend of mine, I created a neat little (but extremely flexible) procedural stylized brushstrokes material. I'm currently doing a last bit of polish but I hope to have it ready and published sometime next week. I won't bore you with the technical details for now but definitely keeep an eye out for it. Below is a quick sneak peek screenshot from the final product.

This year has been a hell of a ride both personaly and professionaly and I'm sure most of you can relate to that. Thankfully there's also a couple exciting behind-the-curtain projects that I'm currently working on, so stay tuned for some more exciting news soon!

Later days,